Member Coaching and Consulting

Dr. Rob Pape's Areas of Expertise

Integrated Wellness Practice Building

Starting a minimal expense practice 

Soft tissue and adjusting technique

Quadrant Analysis coaching

Fee setting

Dr. Michael Massey's Areas of Expertise

Insurance/Medicare relations


Coding (diagnostic/procedural)


Risk Management/Mitigation



20 hours- $85/hour
Save $300!
Lump-sum payment of $1700

10 hours- $90/hour
Save $100!
Lump-sum payment of $900

5 hours- $95/hour
Save $25!
Lump-sum payment of $475

1 hour-$100

Package hours can be used with both Dr. Pape and Dr. Massey for any of their areas of expertise. 

Coaching can occur via phone call, Skype/Facetime, email, text, or in person.